Fares & Charges

Fares & Charges


A Passenger Service Levy PSL of $1.00 has been applied by the NSW Govt to every pre-booked taxi and hire car trip as a result of industry reforms allowing Uber to operate.


Tariff 1

Tariff 2   >12km

Waiting Time


$2.26 p/km

$3.13 p/km

$57.65 p/hr

Surcharge - 10pm-6am, Sundays and Public Holidays 20% on the distance tariff.

MAXI TAXI Surcharge of 50% of the standard fare, when a Maxi Taxi is requested or required.

A cleaning fee of up to $120 will be imposed on any passenger/s who are responsible for soiling a taxi cab or hire vehicle. This covers the cost of cleaning and lost time for the driver.

Pre-Booked Services

  • All pre-booked fares have a $1.20 booking fee included in the fare.
  • The same rates above apply unless a set fee is negotiated upon booking.